First Class Medical Assistance Services

First Class Medical Assistance responds quickly and efficiently when members experience travel health emergencies in another country. Our global emergency services offer major advantages over competitor assistance providers. including no caps or limits, no charge – backs and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, adventure sports or geographic risk.

First Class Medical Assistance provides immediate access to critical care nurses and doctors who provide a comprehensive range of medical assistance services, including:

  • General medical advice
  • Vaccination and travel health advice
  • Arrangement of International medical appointments and referrals
  • Medical second opinions
  • Management of international medical cases
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

We provide following medical services to our customers:

Medical Consultation

Our operation center is staffed 24/7 by medically certified, multilingual personnel who can evaluate and make immediate recommendations for any emergency situation, including referrals to qualified medical providers in UAE.

Hospital Admission Assistance

We foster prompt hospital admission by validating the member’s health insurance or advancing funds as needed to the hospital.( Advances must be paid within 24 hrs prior to treatment).

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If a member becomes ill or injured in an area of the globe where appropriate care is not available, we will evacuate that individual safely to the nearest facility that meets our rigorous standards.

Medical Monitoring

Our team of trained personnel stays in regular communication with the attending physician and hospital to monitor appropriate levels of care.

Prescription Assistance

If a member forgets of loses a prescription while travelling then he/she should not worry about it, we assist with replacing the medicine through the doctor.

Compassionate Visit

We will arrange and pay for a loved one to join any travelling member who is alone and expected to be hospitalized for more than seven days to 3 months.

Care of Minor Children

If any minor children were traveling with an ill or injured parent, we will arrange and pay for them to return home , with a qualified medical attendant if necessary, to a family member or we will arrange childcare locally. We will also arrange care of children at home who are left unattended due to the parent’s unexpected absence.

Return of Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate event that a covered individual passes away while traveling , We will complete the necessary body preparationsto the approval medical centre. ,shipping container and transport to bring the mortal remains home through to the government establish hospitals.

Lost Luggage or Documents

If you lost you luggage or documents during your visit, You don’t have to worry about it We will work airlines to recover and deliver lost bags, liaise with transportation companies to replace lost travel tickets and tickets and contact necessary agencies to solve issues of lost passports and licenses.

Medical Repatriation

When the member has been stabilized to the satisfaction of our doctor and the attending physician, we will arrange transport back home or to a rehabilitation facility under medical supervision if required.

Pre-Trip Information

We offer comprehensive pre-trip insights on our website, firstclassinvest (Only available in English). Go through our website you will find out more about how to plan your trip with us.

Emergency Message Transmission

We will transmit emergency messages reliably between the patient, family , friends and employer. We always make sure that this transmission is convenient and reliable.

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Every case we face is unique and requires its own set of customized solutions. That is why FirstClass Assist has been saving lives since without preset parameters. We are committed to resolving the emergencies of our members whatever it takes and we have the talent and resources to do so.

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